Datadog Open Source Hub

Datadog is committed to open source. It starts with our Agent, tracers, libraries, and SDKs all being open source. But it goes so much further. From open standards to open collaboration, it’s a core part of who we are and what we do.

The Open Source Hub is the central place to learn more about open source at Datadog. This includes highlights of the projects we start and maintain, projects we regularly contribute to, ecosystems we participate in, other initiatives we are part of, and much more.

We'd love to hear from you! Reach out at to provide feedback, ideas, or just say hello.

Our Approach to Open Source Initiatives

At Datadog we are open source users and contributors.

For third-party projects that we use, we follow an upstream first approach. Instead of maintaining our own forks, whenever possible, we contribute upstream with issues, proposals and code.

As an observability and security platform, our customers deploy our Agent in their infrastructure, and use our tracers, libraries and SDKs in their applications. For us, it is critical that those are open source, so they are easily auditable.

Outside our Agent, tracers, and libraries, we start and maintain open source projects that we believe will be useful for a broader community.

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